You should make sure

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You should make sure that the wedding cake tastes delicious before ordering it. The color of wedding cake can also be matched with your wedding outfit. Flavor:- When you will go to the bakery shop, you must choose that flavor which is well liked by you as well as your potential partner for both cake and icing. You can also match the cake design with your wedding theme.  Wedding cakes...


Anyway, it’s no big deal

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  Anyway, it’s no big deal. Not all of the reaction was negative; Ellen Kruger tweeted that it 'wasn't that bad' Aer Lingus wrote a tweet styled after Donald Trump to clap back at the sketch comedy show The Aer Lingus plane was shown to be quite small in the skit. Share this article Share The American SNL cast member mostly sport off-key Irish accents throughout the skit.'We...


Hard-working Brown happens

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 Hard-working Brown happens to speak in a handsome brogue, something Bercow seems to find so hilarious he has taken to mimicking it when he calls Brown to speak. biscuit production line Could Commons Speaker John Bercow — a man who places such a premium on political correctness — himself be guilty of prejudice? He has started mocking the broad Scottish accent of...


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   RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Italian eaterie is dubbed a 'shambles' over glossy. Semi-automatic cake machine TV chef Fanny Cradock (pictured) is returning to our screens this Easter, as the BBC opens up its archives to revive cookery shows from as early as 1970Viewers will be treated to the first episode that Mrs Cradock filmed in her kitchen, alongside ever-patient...