Consider yourself

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Consider yourself. After all, our Lord and Savior Himself did not come to condemn anyone. As we live in a world populated by people with weaknesses, flaws, and blemishes, you and I along with all who call themselves believers in Christ would do well to take these words to heart. Guitarist and Audio Blogger James Flanders is an Arizona native with a passion for sharing the good news of the Gospel of grace as revealed in the New Testament by the Apostle Paul.. Continue to imagine yourself in those shoes. In fact, it was so stupid that you even surprised yourself! In your own personal history of bad moves, this one has taken the cake. His mission was one of saving! The instruction from Paul is that our aim be to restore the person.

 You did something stupid. Your family, friends, and your bank account. "Brethren, if a man also may be overtaken in any trespass, ye who [are] spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of meekness, considering thyself -- lest thou also may be tempted. They apply to you. His subject is the man or woman who has been overtaken in any trespass. You are now in a world of hurt. Now he can't shut up about it. Not only are you burdened with the feelings of guilt and shame over taking out that fourth mortgage (or whatever your dumb move may have been), but now you are seeing the effects on the people and things around you. The reality is that at a certain moment in time you flung yourself into it. Your life has begun to fall apart as a result of that bad decision or series of decisions. At that point imagine depression setting in. You also remember thinking "What kind of person would ever do that? They would have to be an idiot!" Now here you are. Do you consider yourself a believer in Christ? Then take these words seriously. Do you and others consider you to be spiritual? Do you see yourself as mature? I want you to notice that Paul doesn't tell us to condemn our fallen brother or sister.. In future articles we will look in more detail at this verse as we find wonderful practical application from the Apostle Paul. Our friend Paul is addressing the brethren.

For too many years he was missing what was right before his eyes in the pages of Scripture.? Or would you hope for something different? In Galatians chapter 6, we find Paul dealing with this type of issue. So in other words, as we lift up and restore that person we need to approach them not with a pointing finger, but with a humble hand reaching out. The idiot. You blew it big time. Let me ask you a question." (Galatians 6:1 Young's Literal Translation) It might be a good idea to read through the above verse once more and let it sink in. It wasn't that you stumbled into stupidity.Imagine for a moment that you have really messed up. I think one of the most important words for us to see at this point is ANY. As your life has reached the place of imploding due to your own bad choices, how would you want people to respond to you? Your friends? Your family? Fellow believers? Would you want them to approach you with fingers pointed and voices raised like the new dog owner who is upset over the puppy having one too many poopy messes on the living room floor?? Think about it this way. Nope. What does it mean? It means to realize that whatever came upon that person could just as easily have come upon you or me. Would you want your family, friends, of other believers to grab you by the neck, drag you to the place of your failure to rub your nose in it repeatedly until they are convinced that you have thoroughly learned your lesson. Lift them up in a spirit of meekness or gentleness, making sure that as you do so, you consider yourself. He then zeroes in on those who would consider themselves to be spiritual or mature and gives specific instructions. semi-automatic cookie machine In that place, as you reflect over your life you remember hearing about other people who had done the same thing.

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